1Password Password Manager Review – Does It Really Do the Job?

Are you tried of memorizing your passwords? If yes, you do not have to worry about this issue anymore. You can pick from a variety of password managers today that help you manage your passwords in every possible way. One of the best options you have is of 1Password. Just like its name, this password manager is quite genius as well. Let’s find out about it more in this 1Password password manager review.

The Best Features of 1Password

·       The Master Pass

To manage all your passwords, you just need one password. It means you can forget all the other passwords. Every time you want to access those passwords, just use the one password for 1Password.

·       Can Store Documents as Well

One of the great features is that you get access to a safe vault with this application. If you have any sensitive documents on your computer, protect them in this vault.

·       The Secure Input

This is one of the best features for sure. Keyloggers can make any password manager useless. However, the secure input fields that you get with this password manager protect you from those keyloggers as well.

·       Secret Key and Password Combination

You have to know at this point that this password manager works with a combination of a secret key and the master password. You forget one and you will not be able to access the other. Since the company creates your key on the device you use, it is only visible to you, not even to the company.

The Drawbacks of 1Password

  • It still creates one master password, which can be hacked or forgotten.
  • There is no way to access the secret key if the customer forgets it.
  • Customer support is available to you through email only.
  • You only get 1GB of space to save your sensitive documents, preventing you from using large documents and files.

Final Verdict

1Password offers all the great features of a great password manager. It is secure with 256bit encryption standards. The pricing for businesses can be improved though.

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