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3 Events That Marquee Letters Can Really Help Stand Out

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Oct 14, 2022

You’ve probably seen some amazing and stunning marquee letters at weddings and you have always loved them. However, you are not sure if they are suitable for other types of events. Perhaps, you have a corporate event coming and you want it to be visually stunning for all your employees and maybe even their families. Or maybe there is a different type of event coming up but you are not sure if marquee letters will be a great fit.

Well, first of all, you should not let norms rule your mind. When you like something and want it at your event, just go for it. However, just to make things clear for you and help you with your decision, here are three types of events where light up letters can really make a huge difference.

Corporate Events and Parties

It really depends on the type of corporate event you are about to have. Are you celebrating a manager’s 10-year anniversary? Are you thinking about holding a great event at the 10th or 20th anniversary of your company? Marquee letters can be a great addition to just about any type of corporate event. You could just be looking to give an employee a great party for their great services. Marquee letters are available in various sizes, colors, and fonts. You can choose the style that you think will best suit your corporate event.

Due to the letters, numbers, and symbols available, you can make your sign stand out and customize it according to the needs of the event. If you are celebrating the outstanding performance of an employee, you could just have their name spelled out. If it’s an anniversary, you could have the numbers of the anniversary in the form of light up letters.

Baby Showers

Oh yes, baby showers are perfect events for you to make use of marquee letters. There are many ways you can make your baby shower stand out using these letters. For example, you could have a marquee table that has your chosen letters as the stand of the table. If it’s a baby shower, having the word “baby” as the stand of the table would be the best way to go. It will look great and allow you and your guests to take some great photos in front of the gifts that rest on the table and with the word “baby” illuminated in the background.

You could even use the word “baby” with lots of balloons as the backdrop of your baby shower event. Remember, you are not limited to using these letters only in the dark. In fact, you could even use them at the daytime with the sun in the back. This gives you a great effect when the shadow from the sun in the back forms the letter on the ground.


You might not even have thought about this one, but those who have the courage and trust in their love go the extra mile. Marquee letters can be a great way for you to express your love to the person who you are willing to spend your entire life with. Words like “marry me” and “love” are great for such occasions. Here’s a pro tip: choose evening time to propose your to-be life partner and let the light up letters do their magic. A completely dark venue with “marry me” in the background is a perfect way to take a proposal photo because you can only see your silhouettes in the photo, but these shadows speak louder than fully visible people.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing that rather than buying these huge letters, you could just go for marquee letters & light up letters rental in Toronto. Once your event is over, the vendor will dismantle the sign for you and take it away, leaving the place neat and clean. It’s a budget-friendly option because it serves as the background, sets the mood, and creates the much-needed ambiance.

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