How A Collage Journal Can Be Part Of Your Self-Care

…And How Visual Journaling Can Help Build Your Income At The Same Time!

A collage journal, also called SoulPages journal, is a transformational resource when used as a part of your self-care. Our modern world is slowly waking up to the importance of self-care. With a plethora of commercial wellness businesses vying for your attention, true self-care goes much deeper than a spa day or a mani-pedi. Supporting yourself through heart-centered practices helps put your choices in perspective and can open the door to sustainable, healthy living. As a SoulPages Mentor, you can create collage journals using the SoulPages method to deeply nurture yourself and teach others to do the same, enabling you to earn income as part of your self-care practice.

Rakefet Hadar, the founder of SoulPages, has created a unique methodology for visual journaling that helps you gently explore the inner connections of your soul. She teaches seven elements of this critical self-care.

  1. Intention
  2. Magical Coincidence
  3. Background
  4. Images
  5. Lines and Shapes
  6. Color
  7. Text

  1. Intention. Setting the direction of your heart as you approach the visual journal plays an especially important role. It removes the pressure of trying to create something “pretty” and instead allows the soul to speak unrestrainedly. Sometimes the intention is determined before you pick up any art supplies, while at others intention slowly emerges during the intuitive process. One of the many joys of a SoulPages collage journal is the ability to meet both your conscious and unconscious self exactly where you are.

  2. Magical Coincidence. Perhaps like most people you understand the importance of creativity but have you ever felt, like many others, that you need “permission” to unleash your creative side? Once you relax into the freedom of the creative process, magical coincidences begin to appear through fascinating combinations of color, images, text, and forms. These surprising discoveries help to reveal connections and messages often buried deep within.

  3. Background. Hadar compares the creation of the background to reverie—the freedom of being lost in your thoughts and daydreams. The backgrounds for the visual journal help create the ethereal container that fills the blank spread, preparing it to receive the intentions and messages of the heart.

  4. Images. As the heart of the collage journal, images represent the visual translation of our inner world. Working with images allows healing and insight to occur as clippings, drawings, photos, colors, and shapes integrate with the background to communicate previously unseen connections and insight.

  5. Lines and Shapes. As the creation of the visual journal unfolds, lines and shapes may naturally appear or can be added to further develop the meaning of the spread. Creating lines and shapes requires no artistic skill and allows the authenticity of personal mark-making to help reveal or enhance significant meaning.

  6. Color. The use of color is often the element that creates the initial impact of the journal spread. Colors represent different meanings and emotions based on archetypes, cultures, and personal experiences, but regardless of the lens through which the color is seen, the impact can create harmony or disharmony in your spread. The energies and qualities of the use of color convey emotions even without the use of words.

  7. Text. After immersion into the intuitive soul, adding text to the visual journal helps create a concrete way to connect to meaning. The text helps clarify the intention of the spread and forms a bridge from the visual elements to nurturing self-care.

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As a SoulPages Mentor, you not only create opportunities for your personal self-care, but you can bring the power of visual journaling to others. Whether you are looking for additional income or simply want to include SoulPages teaching into your current heart-centered portfolio of work, the SoulPages Mentor certification program will train you in the seven elements and invite you into community with others who have discovered the power of the SoulPages collage journal.

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