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Imminet Review – The World’s First Visa Marketplace

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Mar 15, 2022

Imminet Review

ImminetImminet logo is a newly launched platform based on the visa marketplace concept. It has been created to help travelers and immigrants in the legal process that travelers go through to get a visa. In this Imminet review, we will make sure whether the platform is reliable or not and also have a peek into its features.

The modes of transportation that we have today are indeed the most advanced and comfortable ones and no previous generation had enjoyed such perks. But it is also true that despite these facilities; still we face a lot of problems when we decide to travel whether temporarily or permanently. With the word ‘problems’, I am referring to the documentation that has been made compulsory for every traveler.

Obtaining a visa is a very difficult process and more difficult for those travelers who travel for the first time because they don’t know how to apply for a visa and what are the conditions which they need to meet. Almost every country has established its own rules which they follow before providing a visa to any foreigner.

To help travelers in getting a visa by sitting at their homes, the owners of Imminet decided to create a visa marketplace that guides everyone in the right direction and also helps them in the process as much as possible.

Apply Online
Apply Online | immi-net.com

Imminet: A Legitimate Platform

As the visa acquisition process is very complicated and requires personal information, some people have second thoughts about the legitimacy of the platform. Keeping this question in mind, I used the service of Imminet and concluded that this is a genuine visa marketplace that is working with the sole purpose of helping its clients.

The most important point that proves its legitimacy is its payment structure. The payments of its clients are protected and the prices are clearly stated in advance to eliminate the chances of every possible ambiguity.  In my point of view, if a platform is legitimate then there is no fear in testing it because you know that your money will be secure.

Imminet: Helps In Clearing The Mind

When a person decides to travel, the first difficulty he faces is that he doesn’t know what kind of visa he should apply for. It is because there are dozens of visa types such as work visa, study visa, investor visa, and green card. To answer this question, one needs to figure out if he wants to go abroad temporarily or permanently. Imminet starts helping its clients from this very first step. It brings lucidity to its customers’ minds and guides them in the right direction.

When you will open the platform, you will be asked to register at the visa marketplace and answer some important questions which will help Imminet in finding out which type of visa you should apply for. You will have to fill out a 5-page form which will take only 5 minutes to complete. After this quick survey, Imminet will tell you which visa types you are eligible for and hold chances for visa approval. So in this way, Imminet clears the mind of its customers and brings them on the right track.

source immi-net.com
source immi-net.com

Imminet: Immi Blogs

When people decide to travel to a country, the next problem they face is a lack of knowledge related to that specific country. When they search on the internet, they find different and opposing details on many websites which further confuses them instead of helping. Imminet helps its clients in this issue as well.

To cater to this problem, Imminet has started a blog series named ‘Immi Blogs’. Imminet publishes travel-related blogs on its website frequently so that its clients don’t need to visit other websites to find information. We verified the information conveyed through these blogs from official sources and it matched a hundred percent so you can trust this website.

The topics covered in these blogs are of utmost importance from a traveler’s point of view. Some blogs are helpful for visa seekers while some are advantageous for immigration pursuers. Through its blogs, Imminet helps its readers in seeking knowledge about the banking system, immigration rules, and visa requirements of various countries.

If you want to travel to get an education, you can read the blog in which information about popular universities is provided. Similarly, if you want to explore the world, you can see the list of beautiful cities available in another blog at Imminet.com.

Make your visa journey easier, much easier | immi-net.com
Make your visa journey easier, much easier | immi-net.com

Imminet: Affordable Prices And Secured Payments

You must be thinking that a firm that is providing demanding services must be charging a lot of fees. If it is right then you are wrong because Imminet is charging minimal fees. Well, it is charging some fee as it is not a non-profit organization but keep in mind that its fee is just a few percent of the money your trip will cost you. But for those few percent, your journey will become a lot easier.

You also don’t need to worry about payment methods and other payment-related concerns. You can make the payment through any method of your likings such as Visa card, Master Card, or American Express. Your payments will be secure because Imminet has taken all the precautionary measures and your money will get returned if your visa is not approved by the concerned embassy.

Imminet: Robust Customer Support

Imminet has been providing a very impressive customer supports service as well. If you find the need or urge to talk to them then you can contact them through the numbers provided on their website. You can also visit one of their offices that is located in several countries including the USA, France, Australia, Cyprus, etc.

Upon reaching the website of Imminet, a chat icon immediately shows on the screen which acts as a shortcut for reaching out to the customer’s support agents. These agents remain online 24/7 because their clients belong to different time zones.


Although there are not many available options with which Imminet can be compared but still we have analyzed its features in-depth to check its legitimacy. We have concluded that this visa marketplace is very beneficial for travelers and deserves a visit to its website.

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