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Mark Zuckerberg Introduces New Headsets Of Quest Pro Virtual Reality (VR) For $1,499

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Oct 19, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg recently became part of an online event where the developers had gathered to launch their technology-based products and services.

The billionaire lit the entire event with the announcement of launching new headsets. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly introduced a new headset, naming it Quest Pro, and he also announced its retail price.

Zuckerberg Launched Quest Pro Headsets

At the event, Mark Zuckerberg not only unveiled the price of the gadget but also talked about its feature. He spoke at length about the features and functions that the new VR headset has to offer the users.

However, the price tag he unveiled for the new Quest Pro VR left many viewers in awe. Mark Zuckerberg announced that the price tag for the new Quest Pro headsets would be $1,499.

At the current exchange rate, the $1,499 price tag equates to £1,499. Given the price tag of the old headsets introduced by Zuckerberg, it is a great jump.

Previously, Mark Zuckerberg had introduced Quest 2 which was also launched through Meta. The price tag for the Quest 2 headsets was just $399. The new VR headsets by Meta seem to have come up with a price that has jumped tremendously.

Features of the New Headset

The new headset comes with controllers that self-track. At the back of the headset around the head strap, the creators have added a battery that has been designed in a curve.

In addition to the above, the headset also comes with lenses that are thinner than the past versions of the headsets by Meta.

The users can use the periphery of the screen on the headset so they can view the real environment. The Quest Pro dominates and supersedes its predecessors in terms of its capabilities as it also offers mixed reality tendencies.

The headset has the capability of adding a layer of digital content to the real world, which is one of the most advanced technologies.

Remarks by Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg spoke very highly of the new headsets Meta teams have worked on and developed. He stated that the new headsets are a major step in the world of virtual reality.

They will literally take virtual reality interactions and gaming to the next level. The headsets are promising when it comes to offering a great experience to the users.

Tuong Nguyen’s Comments on the Quest Pro

Tuong Nguyen, one of the senior analysts talked about the latest announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg.

He stated that by giving a tremendous push to the price of the new headsets, Meta has moved the new headsets to the high-end category. Now, only users and technology enthusiasts with deep pockets would be able to buy these headsets.

Apart from the high-end users, it would be the enterprise users who would get their hands on these products. The new headsets would be deprived of gaining exposure and popularity in the mass market.

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