CHIME Unveils New Health Technology To Improve Access To Health Data

CHIME Unveils New Health Technology To Improve Access To Health Data

The technology will be focused on providing improved health information access to healthcare executives, with themes such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, clinical care delivery, and patient engagement being addressed. According to a recent press release given to journalists, the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) recently announced the debut of its new health … Read more

Russia Pours Cold Water on Ukraine Crisis De-escalation, as Macron Meets With Zelensky

As French President Emmanuel Macron visited his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Tuesday for diplomatic talks on the country’s crisis with Russia, Moscow indicated there were “points of convergence” laid out by Macron during his five-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin a day earlier. But the Kremlin has poured cold water on … Read more

Crypto Markets Gain $170 Billion as Bitcoin Skyrockets Past $41K 

The cryptocurrency market capitalization added more than $170B within one day as the overall landscape changed. Bitcoin’s remarkable gains had it at levels beyond $40K. Bitcoin finally rose past the psychological level around $40,000 after hovering beneath the mark for more than fourteen days. That had the entire crypto market flashing massive daily gains. Some … Read more

Lebanon’s Crisis: Great Denial in the Deliberate Depression

The scale and scope of Lebanon’s deliberate depression are leading to the disintegration of key pillars of Lebanon’s post-civil war political economy. This is being manifested by a collapse of the most basic public services; persistent and debilitating internal political discord; and mass brain drain. Meanwhile, the poor and the middle class, who were never … Read more

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