Snir Hananya Delves Into the Nitty-Gritty Of Online Ads

You want people to pay attention to your business and it requires you to write perfect ads. You have been writing ads, but you can’t get the traffic that you expected on your website. What could be going wrong? To start with, it is best that you let professionals work on these things because they can get you the results faster. At the same time, they can save you all the time on your schedule that you can then use for other important processes of your business. Writing and creating your online ads is not as straightforward as it might seem.

Some companies have dedicated departments that keep coming up with new ideas to make their ads more acceptable and prevalent. Snir Hananya says that the factors you have to consider while writing your ads depend on the type ad you are targeting. Some ads are all about visual while others rely on the text. So, let’s get to know some details of online ads coming from Snir Moshe, who runs a successful online marketing company with services available to customers around the world.

Word Count Matters a Lot

The type of ad you are writing will decide how many words you can insert in the ad. Of course, you can use as many words as you want to describe something, but what you have to think is if it will make any impact. When you talk about Google ads, it is best that you say what you have to say within 160 characters. You can type as much as you want but it will not appear in the result. As for Twitter ads, you have to say everything within 280 characters. When you are going to ads that are more visual in nature, you have to be even thriftier with the words you use.

You have to say a lot within a few words because you want your image to do the job for you. Your image-based ads can work greatly on instant messaging applications, which are also the new social networking platforms. Take the example of WhatsApp, which started out as a basic instant messaging app but is a completely social network today. WhatsApp ads designed greatly can give you the return that you are waiting for. However, you have to make sure you say more with images and less with words.

Test Multiple Versions

It is quite a big mistake that a lot of new companies make. When you write ads for your company regardless of the type of ad you are writing, you often think of just one version. You write one ad for Google search results, one for Facebook, one for LinkedIn, and one for some other platform. What you might not realize is that if one version of the ad is not working does not mean it will not work at all. You have to publish the same ad in multiple versions to see which version is getting the response that you want. This type of testing is called AB testing in the online world of ad copy writing.

Now, it is important for you to know that AB testing can be performed with many different elements of the ads. You have the text content, you have images to go with your content, you have different styles of writing you can experiment with, and most importantly, you can pick from many different headlines. Keep using different permutations to know which one is working. Find a way or a software tool to measure the response you are getting on your ads. Pick the idea that’s working and improve it with time to get even more attention from potential customers.

Include Call to Action

You can’t create an ad without a call to action because it is like leaving the whole thing hanging in there with no conclusion. Every ad that you generate for your website or business should have a call to action that invites the readers to take some action. It could be any action that you are targeting. Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to sign up with your services? Or is it that you just want them to click on the ad to open your landing page and let the landing page do the rest of the work? Whatever your final motive is, you have to make the intention clear in your ad.

Always end your ads with sort of call to action. People will not feel the need to click on your ad if you don’t have an ad. Again, you have to pay attention to the ideal word count as well. Don’t write long CTAs because they will take up a lot of character space in your ad and will leave no room for you to communicate your message. Snir Hananya says that you should aim for combining the call to action and the actual message of the ad within the same sentence for the best results.

Conform to the Publishing Website

If you are creating native advertisements, you have to know the many standards that your publishing website follows. In most cases, these websites have their publishing requirements on a separate page. They always like to use a particular tone, go for certain topics, and avoid certain themes. They have a requirement of internal and external links. They want a certain number of images to be included in the articles. Also, the headline should look a particular way and contain a specific number of words. Once you follow these guidelines, your native ads will look like they are a part of the publishing website’s content.

This will help you get attention and result in more clicks. At the end, you will have more traffic on your website and increased chances of converting.

Final Thoughts

Don’t take your ads lightly because that will ruin your marketing budget and might even create cash flow problems. It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a professional online marketing company to provide you with reliable, result-driven, and budget-friendly marketing services.

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