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What is the Difference Between Metal Fabrication and Welding?

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Dec 30, 2022

Many individuals use the terms “metal fabrication” and “welding” interchangeably to refer to the same operation. Although both involve handling metal, the words are not equivalent. It is possible to define metal fabrication as making a product out of metal. A typical step in this procedure is welding. Work with a professional InstantMetalFabrication company for robust and smooth metal welding.

Metal manufacturing uses a range of techniques. One of them is welding. The welding process, however, is specific and calls for unique equipment and skills that may not be useful for the other stages of metal fabrication.

Welding and Metal Fabrication: What Are They Exactly?

Metal fabrication and welding help to form, cut, bend, and unite metal to create various items. To get the intended outcome, manufacturers apply a variety of instruments and techniques throughout the process.


This metal production technique combines two metal parts using heat, pressure, or both. Welders weld two pieces of metal together or patch cracks in metal by heating the metal and creating a bond. Usually, when the metal cools, the link solidifies entirely.

Metal fabrication

It includes all techniques used to create machines or structures out of unfinished metal. Cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly are a few processes. Sometimes, all fabrication procedures take place in the exact location.

Technically speaking, metal fabrication includes welding because it is a fabrication process. There are several forms of metal manufacturing, nevertheless, that don’t require welding.

As a result, a welder solely employing welding-specific equipment and techniques cannot finish the entire metal manufacturing process. Similar to how a metal fabrication firm without a welder is unable to complete the welding portion of fabrication without the necessary equipment and expertise

Applications of Metal Fabrication

Commercial, industrial, and structural production cannot function without metal fabrication. It is frequently one of the initial phases in producing a wide range of goods.

Here are a few samples of what metal fabrication may produce:

  • Hand tools
  • Car parts
  • Aeroplane parts
  • Cans
  • Valves and fittings
  • Pipes
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Metal doors
  • Cutlery

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